The Original VW MK1 Crossmember Reinforcement Bar 








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VW MK1 A1 Chassis Crossmember Brace Reinforcement Bar


Volkswagen, when designing the first generation Watercooled dubs (A1 Chassis), did not give much consideration to the strength of their front crossmember. Why would they? At the time of its inception the most powerful watercooled 4cyl engines they had were the 1.1L, 1.3L and 1.5L 8V. VW designed the chassis around this 8V and for all intents and purpose, met and exceeded the build for its rated torque curve. Enthusiasts with engine upgrades soon took notice: anything exceeding those rated outputs and you're asking for trouble.

With upgrades in power it is fairly common for these crossmembers to fracture, with insane upgrades in power they have been known to completely snap in two. This is directly related to the lateral forces being applied to the crossmember at the point where the front engine mount meets the face of the thin gauge sheet metal.

The purpose of this product is to prevent this fracturing from ever starting and to completely stop it on already fractured crossmembers.


Rated to: Limitations are higher, real world customer confirmations go to 375ft/lbs with no issue. GoKraut's stance...if you can break the bar under its advertised prescribed usage, you get a full refund.


FINISH: Matte Black Powder Coat

Installation Time: 1 hour

Fits the following vehicles:

Volkswagen Jetta / Bora (1979-1984)
Volkswagen Rabbit / Golf / Caribe / GTi (1975-1984)
Volkswagen Rabbit Truck / Caddy (1980-1996)
Volkswagen Scirocco (1974-1992) ** 82-up
Volkswagen Cabrio / Cabriolet (1980-1993)

** = ONE hole mount for MK2 Scirocco.

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PRE-SALE PRICE // $139.95 USD - REGULARLY $159.95 USD Add to Cart

VW MK1/MK2 4-Point A1 Chassis Performance Sub-Frame


This sub-frame has two cross sections which connect front and rear mounting points of the control arm, practically nullifying chassis flex at the front end of the A1 chassis. This is the best upgrade you can have for your car, hands down. Seasoned racers will tell you this is the single most effective and crucial addition to these vehicles; guaranteed you'll immediately notice a difference in the rigidity of the frame and positive handling characteristics of the car.

Note: Sub-frame will NOT interfere with front sway bars, 5 qt oil pans, or typical aftermarket sport exhausts (headers and piping).


FINISH: Matte Black Powder Coat

Installation Time: 30 minutes

Fits the following vehicles:

Volkswagen Jetta / Bora (1979-1984)
Volkswagen Rabbit / Golf / Caribe / GTi (1975-1984)
Volkswagen Rabbit Truck / Caddy (1980-1996)
Volkswagen Scirocco (1974-1992)
Volkswagen Cabrio / Cabriolet (1980-1993)


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